Investment Strategy


Our Core Strategy

  1. To create additional value and/or diversification for Williams Industries by identifying and securing private equity positions in small, medium and large companies throughout the region which have a strong business model and potential for enhanced levels of growth.
  2. To de-fragment industry sectors by acquiring businesses in multiple Caribbean countries within the same sector to create pan-Caribbean businesses with scale. 
  3. To identify potentially undervalued investment opportunities in the markets with the potential of providing trading opportunities within a short to medium term horizon.  
  4. To identify investment opportunities where the strong operational experience and expertise of the team can improve the trading position of the businesses and thus the valuation. 
  5. To explore and develop other investment opportunities including angel investments, venture capital investments, joint ventures, financing opportunities or other potentially profit generating investment opportunities.  


Our Approach

We identify investment opportunities that will provide added value and growth in the short, medium or long-term horizon and to then carry our in-depth research and analysis prior to entering into negotiations with owners of the businesses.  

  • Positioned in a growth industry.
  • Be a regional sector leader with scope to expand outside of the Caribbean
  • Deliver an acceptable return on equity and be cash flow positive
  • Always have the right management team and skills who will achieve agreed targets
  • Have assets, contracts and positioning that enables growth
  • Can leverage from synergies within the Williams Industries group of companies.